Proper planning is obviously important, but only up to a very certain point.

If you find yourself constantly over-planning and over-analysing without actually “pulling the trigger” toward a particular goal, it’s simply your own unconscious way of preventing yourself from taking action due to fear and uncertainty about the thing.

The constant thinking is NOT moving you forward like you’ve convinced yourself it is. The idea that “there’s just one more thing I have to figure out and THEN I’ll be ready” is false.

And if there’s something you’ve really wanted to do for months or years but still haven’t acted on even though you COULD, it’s perfect evidence of just how effective this psychological “fear mechanism” really is.

Don’t wait for the “perfect” plan” or the “perfect conditions”; they don’t exist.

As soon as you begin taking action, new information will arise and you’ll be forced to change and adapt your plan anyway.

A “good” plan is good enough.

Once you have that in place, action is the ONLY thing.

No more thinking. No more analysing. No more waiting around.

These are nothing more than mental obstacles you have created to stop yourself from confronting the unknown.

As General George Patton said…

“A good plan violently executed today is far and away better than a perfect plan executed tomorrow.”

Whatever the thing is that you’re after – JUST DO IT.

Every moment that you spend continuing to unnecessarily plan and prepare is simply reinforcing that pattern of inaction and making it even more difficult for you to start.

The conditions will NEVER be perfect, and the only way to overcome your fear is by doing the thing you’re afraid of.

You already know what to do. There is no better time than right now.


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