Just like the title says…

How much are you REALLY getting done during an average day?

Everyone says they want a great body… they want to make more money… they want an awesome social life… they want more free time…

But what are you actually doing about it?

How much time and effort are you truly putting forth throughout the day that is moving you closer to those goals?

A lot of people out there think they’re working hard, but if they sat down and honestly examined their day from hour to hour, they’d be shocked to see how much time they actually spend “idle” and not really doing anything of substance at all.

This could include things like watching TV or playing video games… aimlessly browsing social media… staring at their phone… taking more time in the morning, at night or in between activities than is really necessary… or even just sitting around daydreaming about the things they desire rather than actually doing something about it.

There’s of course nothing wrong with relaxing and having downtime. I mean, what would be the point if all you ever did was work non-stop?

A big part of the reason why you have certain goals in the first place is so that you can kick back and enjoy the results later on.

But if you truly want to excel in multiple areas and create that “ideal” life you envision for yourself, don’t let anyone tell you that it isn’t going to take a LOT of work and a LOT of hours consistently put in over weeks, months and years on end.

There’s no way around it, and if you aren’t managing your time properly each day and putting in those focused hours on a consistent basis, you’ll either progress at a fraction of the speed you’re truly capable of, or you’ll never reach your goals at all.

If you truly sit down and “audit” your day from start to finish, you’ll probably be blown away (just like I was when I did this myself a few years ago) at how much more productive you really could be.

The thing is, you already have less available time for this than you think.

When you take into account all of the little things you have to do every single day just to keep yourself alive and on track, you’ll quickly see how fast they add up…

I’m talking about basic things like eating… showering… getting dressed… going to the bathroom… brushing your teeth… time spent in transit between places… time spent with family and friends… along with the fact that a third or fourth of your day is already spent sleeping.

In terms of available time to work at your goals, it’s already less than you imagine without even taking into account all of the other potential distractions I previously mentioned.

Surely there are plenty of people reading this that legitimately are working extremely hard each day to get what they’re after…

But I know for sure that the majority of people out there just aren’t doing enough. Period.

Most people just straight up need to DO MORE if they want to reach those goals they have in mind.

So, sit down, examine your day honestly, and ask yourself how much you’re actually getting done and how much more you could be doing if you just made the time for it.

My prediction is that you’ll probably be very surprised at what you discover, and that if you choose to do something about it, it will be a major step in accelerating your daily productivity and overall success.

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