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When most lifters think about structuring a complete tricep workout for mass and strength gains, it’s typically all about extension of the elbow joint.

This is the primary function that the triceps perform, and it can be targeted in the gym in two main ways…

The first is through the use of compound pressing movements for the chest and shoulders, such as bench presses, dips and overhead presses.

The second is through the use of isolated tricep extensions movements, such as pushdowns, overhead extensions, skull crushers and kickbacks.

However, not only do the triceps act as an extensor of the elbow joint, but they also assist in extension of the shoulder joint as well.

In this post I’m going to share with you a highly effective (but very uncommon) arm exercise that will help you build bigger triceps by utilizing a standard elbow extension movement, but with the shoulder in a flexed position.

By combining these two functions together, you’ll be able to train your arms in a unique way that allows you to fully shorten your triceps on each rep and get a much deeper contraction than you’d get from performing pure elbow extension on its own.

Trust me, you’re going to feel this one…

Build Bigger Triceps With “One-Arm Cable Pressbacks”

These are ultimately pretty simple to perform, and here’s how to go about it…

(I’d suggest watch the video above for a live demonstration of the proper form)

1) Set a cable pulley as high up on the machine as you can and grab right onto the end of it without using any attachments at all.

2) Take about 5 steps back and hold the cable with your elbow pinned at your side.

3) Flex your shoulder joint by moving your shoulder and upper arm back a few inches behind your body.

4) Press the weight down and behind your body until your elbow is fully locked out.

5) Squeeze your triceps at the bottom of the rep and pause momentarily before slowly return back to the starting position.

This is basically just like a tricep pushdown, except that you’ll be standing farther away from the machine and the angle will force you to press the weight down and backwards rather than only straight up and down.

You may have to play around with the positioning a bit until you find the angle that works best for you, but you’ll know when you’ve nailed it because you’ll feel a very strong contraction in your triceps at the bottom of each rep, almost as if they’re cramping up.

In order to protect your elbow joints (which are very susceptible to injury during tricep extension exercises if you aren’t careful), perform your tricep pressbacks using a rep range of about 8-10 and keep your reps smooth, controlled and deliberate. Anywhere from 2-4 total sets per arm will work well here.

If you really want to squeeze every bit of growth out of your upper arms that you can and build bigger triceps as quickly as possible, you’ll definitely want to give these a try. Let me know what you think!

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