This page contains a list of products and resources that I personally stand behind and recommend.

There are far too many self-proclaimed “honest” experts out there who say they have your best interests at heart, and then proceed to shove any and every product they can down your throat (many of which they probably haven’t even reviewed firsthand) just to make a buck.

My promise here is simple, and that is to ONLY recommend things to you that truly believe will add value to your fitness program and life in general, and that I think are worth the price.

This section is a continual work in progress, and will be updated and expanded over time.


fitness supplement pills

Supplements can deliver an overall boost to your muscle building and fat burning results and help to streamline your diet for better convenience. However, the vast majorty of supplements out there are over hyped, over priced and unnecessary.

Use these resources to steer clear of all the B.S and put together an intelligent supplement plan that saves you money and actually works…

Sean’s No B.S Supplement Guide

the no b.s supplement guide

This is a PDF guide I put together outlining my recommended muscle building and fat loss supplements. This guide is science based, no B.S and outlines exactly what you need, and nothing more.

#1 Recommended Supplement Store banner – This is where I personally buy all of my supplements from. They have a massive product selection, good prices, reliable shipping and 24/7 support. All of the products I personally recommend can be purchased here without forcing you to deal with the typical pushy, uninformed sales people you’ll normally encounter at most supplement stores.

Detailed Supplementation Research Guide

supplement goals reference guide
The Supplement Goals Reference Guide– By

This is by far the most comprehensive and informative supplement resource available anywhere, at any price.

This 900+ page guide uses unbiased data from over 30,000 research studies and provides detailed reviews of over 300 different supplements, based on over 180 specific health and fitness goals.

This includes goals such as natural muscle growth, training performance, fat loss, testosterone boosting, memory & focus, mood, sleep quality, libido, sexual enhancement and more.

What you’re getting here is 100% unbiased, no B.S information based on real, objective science, and nothing else. Very reasonably priced, well worth the money and highly recommended.

Recipe Books

anabolic cooking e-book
Anabolic Cooking – By Dave Ruel

Contains over 200 easy-to-prepare muscle building recipes that can be easily incorporated into your diet along with cooking lessons and other useful tips.

Although I don’t agree with all of the specific nutritional advice that is given in terms of laying out your daily diet, the actual recipes are an awesome resource that I do recommend.

(Click Here For A Free 10 Recipe Sample Booklet)

metabolic cooking e-book

Metabolic Cooking – By Dave Ruel

Also includes over 200 great fitness recipes, except this version is tailored to fat loss. You’ll get recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, desserts, soups and everything in between.

Again, I’d recommend following my advice when it comes to actual meal plan layout, but the recipes here are a fantastic resource.

(Click Here For A Free 10 Recipe Sample Booklet)

Injury Treatment/Prevention

Injuries in need of people like Kirk E. Hilborn, D.C. Sterling Heights Chiropractor are very common so these are 3 very high quality, in-depth resources created by injury specialist, Rick Kaselj, MS are important to read.

They address 3 very common injuries that lifters (and the overall population in general) experience, with detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to treat them and prevent them from occurring again in the future.

Highly recommended if you suffer from any of these problems and don’t want to spend a ton of cash on a typical chiropractor or physical therapist who may or may not even be able to help you…